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  • What is CBD?

    CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol, one of the 115 known cannabinoids that is naturally present in cannabis sativa plant.
  • Will CBD get me high?

    Nope. There are trace amounts of THC in all hemp products, but there is zero psychoactive effect.
  • What is the difference between CBD and cannabis sativa seed oil (hempseed oil)?

    CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from the entire hemp plant--including the flowers and leaves, not just the seeds (like hemp seed oil). This means that CBD oil has certain compounds--like flavonoids, carotenoids and a host of other beneficial compounds--that you won’t find in the oil that just comes from hemp seeds.
  • Will it affect drug tests?

    LipFuel is a topical cosmetics product; it is not a drug.
  • Can you be allergic to CBD?

    Users typically do not experience an allergic reaction to the molecule. If you are concerned about allergies, we recommend consulting a medical professional before using cannabis-infused products.
  • Is CBD safe to use while pregnant or nursing?

    If you are pregnant or nursing, we recommend consulting a medical professional before using cannabis-infused products.
  • Is the CBD product travel safe?

    Yes, the 2018 Hemp Farming Act makes possession of hemp-based products fully legal in all 50 states.
  • What ingredient makes this different from regular LipFuel?

    LipFuel is an ultra-hydrating hyaluronic lip balm, but this extra-strength version contains 50 mg of full-spectrum CBD to help calm irritation, visibly reduce redness, and smooth uneven texture on the lips.
  • What are the benefits of CBD in LipFuel Extra Strength?

    CBD is super soothing for dryness and damage. It works with essential fatty acids to ease the visible effects of irritation and damage. And active cannabinoid compounds help lock in moisture, visibly reduce redness, and smooth uneven texture.
  • Why did you work with Flora & Bast?

    When Kosas founder Sheena first tried the Flora + Bast Facial Oil, she was shocked by how much it helped soothe and hydrate her aggravated skin, and knew the two brands could do great things together. So, LipFuel Extra Strength with 50mg of full-spectrum Flora + Bast CBD was born. Kosas and Flora + Bast are committed to the purest ingredients, highest-quality products, and delivering real results.
  • Where is the CBD grown?

    Flora + Bast CBD is all organically grown, extracted, and processed in Vermont.
  • How much CBD is included?

    50mg of full-spectrum CBD
  • What does full-spectrum mean?

    Full-spectrum means that it has all the cannabinoids available in the cannabis plant, therefore the most benefits. Translation: it’s really good stuff.
  • Is the CBD organic? Where is it sourced?

    Yes, Flora + Bast partners with small Vermont farmers to source premium certified organic hemp.
  • Is this product Vegan?

    No, because it contains Lanolin Oil and Beeswax.
  • Why do you have a separate website for it?

    There are logistical restrictions that keep us from selling CBD products on
  • What is the shelf life?

    18 months once opened.
  • How often should I reapply?

    As often as you’d like.
  • Can this be worn overnight?

    Yes. The nourishing, ultra-restorative balm is great for waking up to lips that are softer, smoother, and more plump than ever.